• Avoid These Common Causes of Distracted Driving

    When you’re behind the wheel, paying close attention to the road can mean the difference between an accident and a close call. That’s why it’s important to do everything you can to avoid distractions. Never talk on the phone while you’re driving and avoid looking at or answering text messages. You should also avoid eating […]

  • What Your Exhaust Smoke is Trying to Tell You

    Unusually-colored smoke from your car’s exhaust could be a cause for alarm, but it’s not necessarily a sign of trouble. White smoke, for instance, may only be harmless steam depending on how and when your car emits it. It’s important to be aware of what these colors of smoke can mean to avoid costly damage […]

  • Staying Safe: Recognizing Symptoms of Engine Issues

    Staying safe while driving isn’t just about preventative maintenance; it’s also important to be able to recognize the signs of trouble and take action before there’s a larger problem. Awareness of your engine essential for every driver. While not every noise your engine makes is cause for alarm, these symptoms of engine issues are common […]

  • Tips for Avoiding Accidents as a New Driver

    When you’re new to driving, safety should always be your top priority. New drivers are more vulnerable than anybody else on the road to car accidents, which means that they need to be especially cautious. Fortunately, there are some simple tips you can adopt to make driving as safe as possible. Here are some points […]

  • Types of Damage to Look for After an Auto Collision

    When a vehicle is involved in any sort of collision on the road, it can be difficult to determine the scope of the damage. While some types of damage are clearly visible and conspicuous, other types are much more challenging to identify. Here are some types of damage that you should be sure to check […]

  • What You Need to Know About Driving in Heavy Rain

    If you’re unused to driving in inclement weather, it can be extremely hazardous. It’s best to avoid driving in heavy rain at all, but sometimes it’s difficult to avoid it. If you must drive in extreme weather, there are some simple guidelines you can follow to stay safe. Always slow down, as driving fast on […]

  • A Look at Our Intensive Collision Repair Process

    If your vehicle has been badly damaged in an accident, you may feel like panicking. After all, dealing with the aftermath of a collision can seem overwhelming for anybody. At Dave’s Body Shop, our team is dedicated to helping you navigate this difficult situation as easily as possible. Here is what will happen after you […]

  • See How Car Doors Are Made

    You’ve probably opened and closed the doors on your car hundreds—if not thousands—of times, but have you ever wondered just how a car door is made? The process is complex, but it has been streamlined to make it as efficient and error-proof as possible. In this fascinating video, you can see how a car door […]

  • Safety Tips That Can Reduce Your Risk of a Rear-End Collision

    Rear-end collisions can inflict serious damage on your vehicle, and they can also lead to serious and even fatal injuries. How can you work to reduce your vulnerability to these accidents? Fortunately, you can minimize your risk of rear-end collisions by following some simple precautions whenever you’re behind the wheel. Here are some tips to […]

  • Are Your Headlights Putting Your Safety at Risk?

    From your steering wheel to your tires, every component of your vehicle has a part to play in keeping you safe on the road. Your headlights, however, play a particularly critical role. Without bright, clear, fully functional headlights, you won’t be able to drive safely in low-light conditions. Over time, oxidation can result in cloudy […]