• The Role of Leaf Springs in Your Car’s Suspension

    When your vehicle hits a bump in the road, there’s a reason you don’t feel the full shock—and that reason is your suspension. Your vehicle’s suspension system is made up of a number of components, including leaf springs. A leaf spring is made up of a series of strips of metal, hooked together so that […]

  • Is It Dangerous to Drive with Bad Shocks?

    The purpose of your shocks and struts is to absorb the bumps and bounces that would otherwise make your car very uncomfortable to drive. While your car’s shocks and struts should last for a long time, they will eventually need to be replaced. If you go too long without replacing your shocks, it can be […]

  • Understanding How Car Suspension Works

    Without a working suspension system, it wouldn’t be safe to drive your car. Thanks to your vehicle’s suspension system, you can drive without feeling every bump in the road or losing control of your steering wheel. But how exactly does your suspension system work? If you’re like most drivers, you may have never stopped to […]

  • A Look at Common Suspension Problems

    Every time you drive over a bump or hit a pothole, you are putting your vehicle’s suspension to the test. Your suspension is designed to take a beating and keep you comfortable as you’re driving, however, the different parts of it can wear out and require you to seek mechanical repair . Here are just […]