• Understanding How Car Suspension Works

    Without a working suspension system, it wouldn’t be safe to drive your car. Thanks to your vehicle’s suspension system, you can drive without feeling every bump in the road or losing control of your steering wheel. But how exactly does your suspension system work? If you’re like most drivers, you may have never stopped to […]

  • Spotlight on Our Suspension Expert

      One of the many things that makes Dave’s Body Shop stand out from other auto shops is that we have our own full-time mechanic—one who’s been working with us for more than 15 years! Glen Frantz is our suspension expert. With more than a quarter-century of experience behind him, he’s got the training and […]

  • Suspension Components That Can Go Bad

    When the average vehicle owner thinks about their suspension system, they likely think about their shocks. Replacing shocks is the one mechanical repair that they know they’ll have to make when it comes to their suspension. However, there are other suspension components that can go bad, too, and you will need the help of a […]