• Answering Common Questions About Insurance and Body Repairs

    From dealing with your insurance provider to finding the right repair shop, there are a lot of things to consider in the aftermath of an auto accident. If your vehicle will need frame repair in order to be drivable again, you may be wondering what steps you ought to take first. Here’s what you need […]

  • Recognizing the Importance of I-CAR Gold Certification

    Having a Gold Class certification from I-CAR means that a shop adheres to the industry’s highest standards for vehicle repair. When you go to an auto shop that has been Gold certified, it means that the technicians there have been trained to provide the best possible repairs for vehicles. They will know how to find […]

  • Looking for Hidden Damage After a Car Accident

    If you don’t see any visible signs of damage to your vehicle after a car accident, it’s easy to assume that you have no cause for concern. However, there may be hidden damage that it takes an expert eye to detect—and a skilled hand to repair. That’s why you should always have your vehicle checked […]

  • The Steps of Choosing an Auto Body Shop

    When you’re in need of professional repair services from an auto body shop, it’s important to know how to ensure that you’ve picked the right business. Make sure that the shop you go to is certified to work on your type of vehicle, and make sure that they carry liability insurance. If the shop is […]

  • Key Factors to Consider When You Are Choosing a Body Shop

    When your car is in need of professional repair, it’s important to find a dealer-referred auto body shop in your area. Your car is a major investment, and you can protect it and prevent future car problems by finding a reputable body shop, like Dave’s, that does high-quality repairs. Here are some of the key […]

  • Get the Most Out of Your Auto Repair

    Many people don’t know a whole lot about their vehicle, which is why they spend too much money when they need to have mechanical repair done. The easiest way to avoid this is to educate yourself about your vehicle and to get a second opinion on any expensive job. Doing this will allow you to […]

  • How to Find a Collision Repair Shop

    After your car is involved in a collision, you have the right to choose which shop handles the repairs. But with so many auto body shops in Utah, how do you know which one you can trust? For starters, look for the I-CAR Gold Class symbol, a mark of excellence in the auto body repair […]

  • Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop for Your Car

    After your car is involved in a collision, you probably don’t care where it goes for repairs so long as you can get back on the road ASAP. However, you can do yourself a lot of favors by taking your time and finding the right auto body shop in Utah , which might not always […]