Getting Back in the Driver’s Seat After a Serious Wreck


After you’ve been involved in a serious traffic accident, you may find yourself feeling reluctant to get back on the road. This isn’t unusual at all—in fact, it’s only natural to feel skittish about the potential of another accident. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to make it easier to feel comfortable behind the wheel once again.


Start out slowly. It’s best to ease back into your driving routine after experiencing an accident. Don’t try to spend an hour in the car your first time on the road; instead, take short drives to help you feel confident again. Drive in areas that are familiar to you, and try to steer clear of stressful situations such as driving on freeways or in rush-hour traffic.


Drive with somebody else. If possible, you may want to have a passenger with you in your car the first few times you drive after your accident. Having somebody to talk to—and to reassure you—may help you feel calmer while you’re driving, and it will help you take your mind off the possibility of an accident.


Drive by the accident site. As soon as you feel ready, you should try to drive by the scene of the accident. If you continue to dread the prospect of driving through the area where you had your accident, it may worsen your anxiety about driving. Driving by the site of your collision more than once can help to relieve your stress and help you recover from the accident experience.


Having your vehicle repaired at a qualified Utah body shop will help ensure that the aftermath of your accident is as stress-free as possible. The experienced staff at Dave’s Body Shop will not only repair your vehicle, but restore its original appearance as much as possible. To set up an appointment for your vehicle, call us today at (801)850-0397.