What to Look for in a Body Shop Paint Department

When your car has been damaged in a collision, one thing you’re likely to be concerned about is the paint job. Restoring the paint to its previous appearance is essential if you want to ensure that your vehicle continues to look good. Here’s what you should look for when you’re in need of a body shop that you can trust to protect your paint job.


High-quality paint

If low-quality paint is used on your vehicle, then it’s likely to detract from the way your vehicle looks. This can hurt its value and also make it less pleasurable to drive. To prevent this, make sure you go to a body shop that uses the best possible paint when repairing your vehicle and restoring its appearance. The paint should match or exceed your manufacturer’s standards.


Computerized color matching

Today, auto body shops can use computers to find and replicate your vehicle’s exact color. This ensures that your vehicle isn’t painted with a slightly different color, which will hurt its appearance. If a shop doesn’t use computers to identify your vehicle’s color, then you should take your vehicle somewhere else for repairs.


Trained technicians

Applying paint to a vehicle properly requires specific knowledge and training. That’s why it’s important to go to a shop with a trained paint department. If your vehicle is handled by skilled professionals who are using the proper procedures—as well as the right equipment—then you’ll be able to ensure that you get it back looking as good as new.


If you want to make sure your car is handled by experienced professionals, you can always feel confident when you bring it to Dave’s Body Shop. We offer paint protection packages that will help you keep your vehicle’s paint job in great condition. Call our Utah body shop today at (801) 566-3906 to schedule your appointment.