Been in an Accident? Here Is What You Need to Know About Documenting Damages

It’s safe to say that nobody ever feels fully prepared for an accident. However, knowing what to do in advance can help you protect your rights. In particular, it’s important to do what you can to document as much evidence of the damages caused by the accident as possible. Here’s what you need to know.

Take pictures of the accident scene.

The most important evidence you can take immediately after the accident is visual. After you have ensured that you and the other people there are safe, use your phone to take as many pictures of the accident scene as possible. Be sure to take photos from multiple angles, and to take close-up pictures of damage when possible. Also, make sure you have at least a few photos showing the larger scene.

Hold on to your medical records.

If you or any of the passengers in your vehicle seek medical care of any kind after the accident, make sure that you hang on to any medical records, including billing information. Even if you do not think you were injured, it’s important to keep these records in the event that you sustain any future complications resulting from the accident. It’s a good idea to keep all medical records in one safe place, so you can easily retrieve them.

Write down a description of the accident. 

As soon as it is safe to do so, you should take a few minutes to write down a description of the accident, including what you were doing before it happened. You should be as detailed as possible. The sooner you can do this, the better; the closer to the time of the accident you take down these notes, the more accurate your memories are likely to be.

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