How to Check the Status of Your Vehicle While It’s in the Shop

When you bring your vehicle to Dave’s Body Shop for repairs, you may be wondering if you have a way to check on the status of your vehicle. In fact, you can check up on your vehicle at any time while it is at our shop by visiting our website. Simply by putting in your phone number, you can see pictures of your vehicle and get status updates. You can also opt to have those updates texted to you, and you can even share photos of your vehicle with friends or on social media. Once your vehicle’s repairs are finished, of course, we’ll let you know that it’s ready!

If your vehicle has been damaged in an auto accident in Utah, it’s time to visit Dave’s Body Shop. We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive collision repair services, including certified repairs for some of today’s top vehicles. To schedule an appointment, call (801) 566-3906.