The Importance of Picking a Certified Body Shop for Your Tesla Repairs

If you’re the proud owner of a Tesla, it’s only natural that you want to keep it in great condition. So, what do you do when you need to have your vehicle repaired? It’s important to find a qualified auto body shop, and that means finding a shop that is original equipment manufacturer (OEM) certified to perform repairs on your type of vehicle. Here’s why it’s so critical to use a certified body shop when you need repairs for your Tesla:

Your Tesla will be repaired using factory-approved parts.

Some shops use aftermarket parts—parts that aren’t manufactured by the original manufacturer—when repairing vehicles. When you take your vehicle to an OEM certified shop, it means that only OEM parts will be used to replace any broken or worn-out parts. Since these are the parts that were intended to be used, they can help to ensure that your vehicle continues to run as it should. These parts also ensure that your warranty is not voided by repairs.

Your Tesla will be repaired by trained technicians.

When you take your Tesla to a body shop that isn’t certified, there’s no guarantee that the staff will have experience with your type of vehicle. Technicians at shops that have been OEM certified for Tesla have been trained to work specifically on those cars, so they know what to expect and what manufacturer-approved methods they should use in repairing your vehicle.

Your Tesla will be repaired using the right equipment.

Another bonus of going to a certified body shop is that the technicians will have access to all of the right equipment they need to repair your vehicle. Since Tesla cars are relatively new, it’s all the more important that they are repaired using the right techniques and tools. That’s something you can be sure of when you take your vehicle to an OEM certified shop.

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