How to Protect Your Paint Job with 3M VentureShield

Remember how spotless your car looked when you first brought it home? Unfortunately, that initial look usually doesn’t last. Even if you wash your car frequently, exposure to dirt, debris, and road gravel can take a toll on your paint job. However, there is a solution: Use 3M VentureShield Paint Protection Film on your vehicle. Here’s what you need to know about this protective film.

3M VentureShield will protect your car from road damage.

When you’re on the road, bits of gravel can easily cause small dents and scratches to the surface of your vehicle. No matter how cautious a driver you may be, it’s impossible to avoid this sort of damage. 3M VentureShield Paint Protection Film provides strong protection against road damage, ensuring that your car’s paint job will continue to look great for years to come.

3M VentureShield will cover your car’s entire frame.

When they have been custom-cut to meet your vehicle’s precise specifications, 3M VentureShield Paint Protection Film packages will provide full coverage for your vehicle’s frame. Unlike pre-cut film packages, which leave some of your frame exposed, 3M VentureShield will effectively protect all of your car.

3M VentureShield protects even vulnerable surfaces.

There are a lot of different parts of your vehicle that are vulnerable to being damaged, and 3M VentureShield will provide full protection for all of them. For instance, the protective film can provide coverage for your vehicle’s hood, trunk, side mirrors, bumpers, and even door edges. If you really want to protect your investment and keep your vehicle in terrific condition, a paint protection package is a must.

If you’re looking for a paint film protection package to keep your car looking great, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Dave’s Body Shop. We offer custom-cut and fully wrapped packages to ensure that your car’s frame gets full protection, and we are certified to install 3M VentureShield packages. To schedule an appointment at our Utah body shop, call us today at (801) 566-3906.