• Recognizing the Importance of I-CAR Gold Certification

    Having a Gold Class certification from I-CAR means that a shop adheres to the industry’s highest standards for vehicle repair. When you go to an auto shop that has been Gold certified, it means that the technicians there have been trained to provide the best possible repairs for vehicles. They will know how to find […]

  • How to Protect Your Paint Job with 3M VentureShield

    Remember how spotless your car looked when you first brought it home? Unfortunately, that initial look usually doesn’t last. Even if you wash your car frequently, exposure to dirt, debris, and road gravel can take a toll on your paint job. However, there is a solution: Use 3M VentureShield Paint Protection Film on your vehicle. […]

  • Lifesaving Defensive Driving Techniques

    If you want to protect yourself on the road, it’s important to drive defensively at all times. But what exactly does it mean to drive defensively? Simply put, defensive driving means minimizing the risk of accidents by being a safe driver, even if driving conditions are poor or other drivers are behaving dangerously. Being a […]

  • FAQs About the Collision Repair Process

    When you’re involved in an auto accident, you’re likely to have plenty of questions on your mind. That’s even more true if your vehicle has sustained damage. You may be wondering what collision repair entails, and what you can expect from the process. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions […]