When Should You Replace Your Headlights?

While car headlights are designed to last, all of them will eventually need to be replaced. Along with the natural wear and tear that they experience, headlights also tend to grow dimmer and fainter with time. Since proper illumination is essential for driving safely under low-light conditions, having fully functional headlights is a must for every driver. Here are some of the signs that the time has come to replace your old headlights:

Your headlights are flickering.

When they’re working properly, your headlights should put out a consistent and steady beam of light. If they are flickering on and off, it’s a sure sign of a problem. Whatever the underlying issue is, a set of flickering headlights should always be checked out by an experienced professional at an auto shop. After all, if your headlights stop working altogether, it could easily lead to an accident.

Your headlights are dimming.

If you think that your headlights were once brighter than they are now, you might be right. Headlights tend to dim as they age, whether because of oxidation or because they use halogen. If your headlights are fading, you should have them replaced as soon as possible. It’s important to replace both headlights at once, even if only one is fading, to ensure that they provide even illumination.

Your headlights are damaged.

Headlights tend to sustain minor damage over time due to gravel and debris from the road, usually in the form of minor chips and dents. You can have this damage repaired at an auto shop. If your headlights are more seriously damaged in an auto accident, however, it may necessitate complete replacement.

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