Recognizing the Signs of Suspension Damage

Every vehicle needs a working suspension system, and every suspension system will eventually need to be repaired. But how can you tell when the time has come to take your vehicle to the shop for professional suspension repair? These are some of the clearest signs that your suspension system has been damaged:

Your car rides are less smooth.

One of the functions of your suspension system is to absorb the shocks of the road and help you enjoy a smoother, calmer ride. If you’re feeling every single bump as you drive, it could mean that your suspension system isn’t working properly. In particular, it may mean that your struts and shocks are starting to wear out.

Your tires are wearing unevenly.

One of the surest signs that something is wrong with your vehicle’s suspension system is uneven wear on your tires. It’s important to check the tread on your tires on a regular basis. If you notice that the wear isn’t roughly even from tire to tire, you should have your suspension checked out at an auto shop.

Your steering isn’t as stable.

When you drive, your ability to steer the vehicle should be precise, even during turns. If you notice that you’re having trouble making your vehicle turn the way you want it to, or if your vehicle is “drifting” as it turns, it could indicate that your suspension system is damaged. It’s time to take your vehicle to an auto shop and have the issue diagnosed, before the damage puts you at risk of an accident.

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