Caring for Your Car After Repairs: What You Need to Know

Once your car has been repaired at a qualified auto shop after an accident, it will be safe for you to take it back on the road again. However, you may still have some questions about properly caring for your vehicle. You might be wondering how soon you can take your vehicle to the car wash again, for example. Here are some important tips for taking care of your car after a recent repair.

When can I wash my car again?

Regular washes are important if you want to keep your vehicle looking bright and clean—and protect your paint job! You’ll be relieved to learn that you can start washing your vehicle again right away after having it repaired. However, you should avoid brush-style car washes for about a month after your repair.

When can I wax my car again?

If you wax your car on a regular basis to maintain its luster and keep away blemishes, you’re probably curious about when you can safely do it again. In general, most car experts will recommend that you wait more than 60 days before you wax your vehicle again after having it repaired.

What if there’s still a problem with my car?

If your car has been repaired by a qualified technician, it should be safe to drive. However, it’s still important to be observant and to make note of any problems you see with your vehicle. If you experience any problems while driving your car, or see anything that concerns you, contact the shop that handled your repairs as soon as possible.

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