Spotlight on Our AutoWatch Service

At Dave’s Body Shop, we understand that you don’t want to entrust your vehicle to just anyone. That’s why, at our shop, we work to make the repair process as transparent and understandable as possible. That way, you can enjoy greater confidence that your vehicle is being handled by skilled professionals.

Through our AutoWatch service, you can actually check on your car while it is being repaired by our team. You’ll be able to see visual updates on your vehicle while it’s in our shop, and you’ll even have the option to receive those updates through email or text. You can keep those images of your vehicle or even share them on social media!

Dave’s Body Shop has been providing state-of-the-art collision repair services to Utah customers for more than 70 years. If your vehicle has been damaged in a road accident, you can always count on us for first-class service. To set up an appointment at our auto body shop, call (801) 566-3906 today.

Spotting the Signs of Alignment Problems After an Accident

Not all of the damage caused by a car accident is visible to the eye. The shock of a collision can affect your wheel alignment, which can both harm your car’s performance and put you at risk of another accident. If you suspect that your vehicle’s alignment may have been affected by a recent accident, take it to a collision repair professional for an inspection. Here are some of the clearest signs of an alignment issue:

It’s hard to keep your car driving straight.

Normally, it shouldn’t be difficult to keep your car moving in a straight line—that’s how it’s designed to drive. When this isn’t the case, it means that there’s a problem. If you find that your steering wheel keeps pulling left or right, or that it isn’t easy to keep your car moving in a straight direction, it could indicate that you have a wheel alignment issue.

Your tires aren’t wearing evenly.

Most of the time, when there is visible wear on your tires, it’s because you haven’t rotated your tires lately. If you notice more wear on one side of the tread blocks than the other, it could be due to misalignment of your tires. You should be sure to check the pressure of your tires at least once a month and check the tire tread at the same time.

Your steering wheel vibrates.

If you feel a vibration in your steering wheel, it could be the result of a number of things, but one of the likely causes is misaligned tires. When your alignment is off, it means that your tires aren’t going in exactly the same direction, which causes the vibration—and it gets worse, and becomes more noticeable, at high speeds.

Dave’s Body Shop has been proudly serving the Utah community since we first opened our doors in 1942. If you’ve been involved in an accident, we can provide you with the fast, efficient, and accurate repair services you’re looking for. You can schedule an appointment at our auto body shop by calling (801) 566-3906.

Tips for Dealing with Your Insurance Company After a Collision

If you’ve been involved in a collision on the road, one of the first things you’ll need to think about is getting in touch with your insurance provider. Dealing with the claims process, unfortunately, isn’t always as simple as it should be. In some cases, this can turn out to be the most difficult aspect of your accident. Here are some tips for dealing with your insurance company:

Be honest and forthright when talking to your insurer.

When you’re telling your insurance company what happened, it’s important to answer all questions honestly. If you don’t remember something, you can admit that. You also don’t have to assume blame for the accident—blame is not always clear, and you don’t want to admit fault if it turns out that you were not responsible.

Hold on to your medical records and receipts.

You should have yourself checked out by a healthcare provider—preferably your physician—as soon as possible after your accident, even if you don’t think you’ve been injured. If it turns out that you have been injured in any way, you’ll need documentation from a doctor in order to claim any damages. Make sure that you keep all receipts and other records of your medical visits.

Remember that you can choose your own repair shop.

It’s important to keep in mind that you have the right to have your vehicle repaired at an auto shop of your choice. Your insurance company may try to influence you to take your vehicle to one of their preferred shops, but you should be aware that you do not have to do this. Make your decision based on what’s best for your vehicle, not what is good for your insurance company’s bottom line.

Dave’s Body Shop can help you navigate the claims process to help ensure that you’re treated fairly by your insurance provider. When you’re looking for safe, professional, and thorough collision repair, you can depend on our team of skilled technicians. You can schedule an appointment at our Utah body shop by calling us today at (801) 566-3906.

What Does It Mean to Be Audi Certified for Steel and Aluminum Repairs?

If you’re the proud owner of an Audi steel or aluminum vehicle, you need to know where you can take it for dependable repairs in the event of an accident. When you’re looking for a body shop, make sure that you pick one that is certified to work on your particular vehicle. A shop that is certified by Audi will use only genuine Audi parts to repair your vehicle, and the staff will be trained in the factory-approved procedures that are necessary for ensuring that your vehicle can be driven safely. When you’re dealing with your insurance provider, remember that you have the legal right to take your vehicle to a shop of your choice for repairs.

Dave’s Body Shop is the only body shop in the state of Utah that is fully certified to perform repairs on Audi steel and aluminum vehicles . If you’re in need of capable collision repairs, contact our shop at (801) 566-3906 for an appointment.