• Surprising Features of the Tesla Model X

    The Tesla Model X is widely known for its speed and sleek design. But you might not realize just how innovative this groundbreaking vehicle really is. This video highlights some of the Model X’s most incredible features, from its vertically opening doors to its panoramic sunroof. You may have heard of self-driving vehicles, but the […]

  • Why Delaying Dent Repairs Is Risky for Your Car

    If there’s one thing no proud car owner ever wants to see, it’s a dent in their vehicle’s frame. Despite this, many car owners put off having dents repaired, believing that they’re not urgent repairs since they are primarily cosmetic. In fact, it’s extremely important to have these repairs taken care of by a professional […]

  • FAQs About Driving an Electric Vehicle

    If there’s one trend that stands out in the automotive world today, it’s the increasing popularity of electric vehicles. While these cars are most often associated with Tesla, nearly every major vehicle manufacturer has now put out its own electric-powered vehicle. If you’ve never driven one before, however, you may be wondering just what you […]

  • What the Law Says about Your Right to Choose a Repair Shop

    After an accident, your insurance provider may tell you that they recommend that you have your vehicle repaired at one of the repair shops they prefer to work with. It’s important to know that it is your right to take your vehicle to any repair shop. Not only can you get your vehicle repaired at […]