• Common Types of Collision Damage

    Most drivers will find themselves having to deal with collision damage at some point. If you’ve never had to take your car to the shop for collision repair, you may be wondering what types of damage your vehicle is most likely to sustain in an accident. These are some of the most common types of […]

  • Essential Tips for Using a Rental Car

    If your vehicle is out of commission because of an accident, you will probably find yourself behind the wheel of a rental car. If you’ve never used a rental car before, you may be wondering if there is anything you need to know. Here are some essential driver’s tips for using your rental car while […]

  • What Exactly Are VOCs?

    Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals that easily turn into gases and infiltrate the air around us. They can be found in everything from cleaning products to car paint, and they can also release gases. Many of these gases can have negative effects on our health, ranging from minor issues such as sinus irritation to […]

  • Should I Replace or Repair My Bumper?

    If your vehicle’s bumper has been damaged in an accident, you may be wondering whether you can have it repaired or whether it would be better to replace it. The best way to decide what you should do is to have your bumper inspected by an auto professional. The nature of the damage will determine […]

  • The Value of Choosing a Shop with I-CAR Gold-Certified Technicians

    When you’re selecting an auto body shop to provide repairs for your vehicle, make sure that you have found a shop that has been designated by I-CAR. After all, you want to make sure that the technicians who will be working on your car have the necessary training to do quality repairs. Here is a […]

  • What Is the Crumple Zone?

    When your vehicle hits another vehicle, the force of the impact is extremely dangerous. Even a minor accident such as a fender-bender can result in whiplash and other serious injuries. Auto manufacturers are aware of this, so they design vehicles to bear the brunt of the force in accidents. Part of your vehicle is designated […]

  • Spotlight on Our AutoWatch Service

    At Dave’s Body Shop, we understand that you don’t want to entrust your vehicle to just anyone. That’s why, at our shop, we work to make the repair process as transparent and understandable as possible. That way, you can enjoy greater confidence that your vehicle is being handled by skilled professionals. Through our AutoWatch service, […]

  • Spotting the Signs of Alignment Problems After an Accident

    Not all of the damage caused by a car accident is visible to the eye. The shock of a collision can affect your wheel alignment, which can both harm your car’s performance and put you at risk of another accident. If you suspect that your vehicle’s alignment may have been affected by a recent accident, […]

  • Tips for Dealing with Your Insurance Company After a Collision

    If you’ve been involved in a collision on the road, one of the first things you’ll need to think about is getting in touch with your insurance provider. Dealing with the claims process, unfortunately, isn’t always as simple as it should be. In some cases, this can turn out to be the most difficult aspect […]

  • What Does It Mean to Be Audi Certified for Steel and Aluminum Repairs?

    If you’re the proud owner of an Audi steel or aluminum vehicle, you need to know where you can take it for dependable repairs in the event of an accident. When you’re looking for a body shop, make sure that you pick one that is certified to work on your particular vehicle. A shop that […]