A Look at Our Intensive Collision Repair Process

If your vehicle has been badly damaged in an accident, you may feel like panicking. After all, dealing with the aftermath of a collision can seem overwhelming for anybody. At Dave’s Body Shop, our team is dedicated to helping you navigate this difficult situation as easily as possible. Here is what will happen after you contact us about repairing your vehicle.

Evaluating the damage. We’ll begin by looking at the extent of the damage caused by the collision and telling you what repairs might need to be made to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive again. If you can’t safely drive your vehicle to our shop, we will have it towed here. Our team can also help guide you through the insurance claim process in order to make sure that you are treated justly and are able to get a fair price on your repair. Most insurance companies do not want to pay for proper repairs.

Performing the repairs. Before we begin repairing your vehicle, we need to take it apart to find off of the damage, today’s new cars are very advanced and hide damage. Our technicians are some of the highest trained in the United States, which gives us the edge when repairing your vehicle. Our knowledge far exceeds other shops and puts us in a league of our own. We do more because we know more. When you work with our team, you can always count on exceptional repairs.

Restoring the appearance. Finally, we’ll restore your vehicle to the condition it was in before the accident using all the latest technology and factory standards that other shops do not have access to. Using the latest camera matching software and our many years of experience tinting colors by hand we come up with an undetectable color match. Before we return your vehicle to you, we’ll run through our extensive quality control checklist to ensure that it’s in excellent condition.

Along with providing top-quality collision repair, Dave’s Body Shop is the only auto body shop in Utah that is certified to work on steel and aluminum Audi vehicles. We also work on aluminum Tesla vehicles, and a number of other popular vehicles. If you’re in need of a body shop you can entrust your vehicle to , our team and we will be happy to assist you. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at (801) 566-3906.