What Car Owners Should Know About Assured Performance Network Certification

When you bring your vehicle to a body shop, how can you be sure that your beloved Audi, Tesla, or Ford is being treated by skilled hands? Assured Performance network certification enables you to identify which body shops are staffed by skilled technicians with the training to work on your specific vehicle. Here are some of the things you can be assured of when you go to an auto body shop that has been certified by Assured Performance .

Trained technicians. To receive certification for specific vehicle brands, the shop’s technicians must have done the training necessary to work on those vehicles. This means that they are able to repair each vehicle in keeping with its original design, safety, and performance standards. This is essential for ensuring that your vehicle gets the exceptional level of repair service that every car owner deserves. Specific training is required in order to be certified to work on special vehicle brands such as Ford’s aluminum vehicles.

Proper equipment. A body shop must have all of the appropriate equipment on hand in order to be certified to work on a vehicle brand. If a shop services both steel and aluminum vehicles, for instance, different tools must be used for these two types of vehicles in order to prevent metal cross-contamination, which can harm the vehicles.

A trustworthy shop. In order to be certified by Assured Performance, a shop must be in compliance with all government regulations and must have liability insurance. The shop must also have a verifiable service history and credit rating, and it must have been in business for at least five years. When you deal with a shop that has the Assured Performance certification, you can depend on quality service.

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