• Why Trust Us with Your Audi?

    When you need to bring your vehicle to a repair shop, it’s only natural that you want to be assured that you’re getting qualified service. If you own an Audi vehicle, you can bring it to Dave’s Body Shop for all of your service needs. Dave’s Body Shop is the only auto body shop in […]

  • Safe Driving Tips to Protect Yourself and Your Vehicle

    Maintaining smart driving habits is essential for keeping you and your beloved vehicle safe from accidents. Most people already know that you should never mix drinking and driving, but did you know that taking prescription drugs or even some over-the-counter medications can also affect your ability to drive safely? Distractions such as cell phones and […]

  • What Car Owners Should Know About Assured Performance Network Certification

    When you bring your vehicle to a body shop, how can you be sure that your beloved Audi, Tesla, or Ford is being treated by skilled hands? Assured Performance network certification enables you to identify which body shops are staffed by skilled technicians with the training to work on your specific vehicle. Here are some […]

  • Answering Your Questions About Paint Film Protection

    One of the best things about owning a new car is getting to enjoy its bright, beautiful appearance. Over time, however, everything from rain to mud can take a toll on your car’s exterior. If you’re considering investing in a paint film protection package from Dave’s Body Shop to protect your vehicle’s paint job, here […]

  • Dave’s Body Shop Is Dealer-Preferred

    At Dave’s Body Shop, we work hard to ensure that every vehicle that comes to our shop receives the most capable repairs, using the best technology and the highest quality parts. That’s why several dealers in the area prefer using our auto body shop for any and all vehicle repairs. Mini of Murray, Riverton Hyundai, […]