Dave’s Body Shop: Utah’s Only Audi- and Tesla-Certified Shop

Dave’s Body Shop has been proudly serving the Utah community since 1942. Over the years, our body shop has developed a solid reputation for excellent service and knowledgeable technicians. Honesty and hard work are central to the way our shop runs, and we strive to make sure that every customer leaves happy—with a safe and fully functional car. However, that’s not the only reason Dave’s Body Shop stands out. We’re also the only Audi certified shop in the state of Utah for both steel and aluminum vehicles—along with being the only Tesla certified shop for aluminum vehicles.

What is OEM certification? Original equipment manufacturer—or OEM—parts are made for your particular vehicle, either by the original manufacturer or by a company that has been directly licensed by the manufacturer to make those parts. OEM certified technicians have received special training so that they can repair specific vehicles in keeping with the manufacturer’s standards.

What are the advantages of OEM certification? When your vehicle is repaired using only OEM parts, it means that you can rest assured that you’re getting parts that are designed to fit and work in your specific vehicle, rather than generic parts that may detract from your performance. Having OEM certified technicians work on your vehicle carries a similar advantage; it means that you can be sure that the person repairing your vehicle will be able to restore it to the condition it should be in.

What does the Gold Class sign mean? If a collision repair shop has the Gold Class sign, it means that every single technician is certified to perform repairs on the vehicles that the shop serves. Dave’s Body Shop is proud to be a Gold Class certified shop, meaning that our customers can always leave their Audi or Tesla vehicles with us in the knowledge that they will be well cared for.

Dave’s Body Shop is your trusted Audi and Tesla certified shop serving Utah. If you’d like to call our shop and schedule an appointment so one of our skilled technicians can look at your vehicle, give us a call at (801) 762-8921.