Tips for Avoiding Common Car Problems

Are you getting ready to take your car on a road trip? A pre-trip checkup at your local body shop is the perfect way to minimize the risk of a mid-trip mishap. However, there are a number of potential car problems that you can head off by taking a few simple precautions. Here are some tips to include on your checklist this summer:

Have your oil changed. Getting an oil change is a simple task that will help to ensure that your vehicle stays healthy. However, you may not be sure how often you should have this task performed. You should have your engine’s oil changed at least as often as the manufacturer recommends; you can check the number by referring to your owner’s manual.

Check your air filter. Your car’s air filter serves to protect the cabin from dust and debris, so it’s important to make sure that it stays clean. Learning how to remove and replace your air filter is a simple task that anybody can learn. You should change your air filter every year, or even more frequently if you live in an area with a lot of dust.

Have your wheels aligned. No warning lights will tell you that it’s time to have your wheels aligned—it’s something that you will need to keep track of yourself. In general, you should have your alignment checked about once every 6,000 miles. If you notice that your wheels seem to be pulling to one direction or another while you drive, or if your tires squeal when you make a turn, it’s a strong sign that your wheels are misaligned.

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