The Headlight Restoration Process

Time and experience can take a serious toll on your car’s headlights. As the months go by, your headlights can become increasingly cloudy due to the oxidation process, which can make them as much as 30 percent less effective. Without bright headlights, your driving safety can be significantly compromised—especially if you are driving in low-light conditions such as unlit streets or rainy weather. When you have your headlights professionally restored at Dave’s Body Shop, our technicians will use a random orbital power sander to remove the built-up oxidation. Our special power sander uses ultrafine sandpaper to prevent any chipping to the plastic, helping to ensure that the process will leave your headlights bright and lustrous.

headlight restoration

If your car needs headlight restoration from a Utah auto shop, Dave’s Body Shop can provide you with the first-class service you need. Call our shop today at (801) 762-8921 to set up an appointment to have your headlights restored.