• Don’t Ruin Your Car’s Paint

    Unfortunately, it is extremely easy to inadvertently ruin your car’s paint job. As this video explains, anything from parking your vehicle in a place where it will be exposed to potential stains—such as under a maple tree, where it can be stained by tree sap—to parking too long in direct sunlight can lead to a […]

  • How to Tell When You Need Brake Repair

    As every driver knows, having working brakes is essential to staying safe on the road. If your car’s brakes are in anything less than top condition, it could create a dangerous situation for you, your passengers, and other drivers. Here are some warning signs to look for that indicate that your brakes may be wearing […]

  • Tips for Avoiding Common Car Problems

    Are you getting ready to take your car on a road trip? A pre-trip checkup at your local body shop is the perfect way to minimize the risk of a mid-trip mishap. However, there are a number of potential car problems that you can head off by taking a few simple precautions. Here are some […]

  • The Headlight Restoration Process

    Time and experience can take a serious toll on your car’s headlights. As the months go by, your headlights can become increasingly cloudy due to the oxidation process, which can make them as much as 30 percent less effective. Without bright headlights, your driving safety can be significantly compromised—especially if you are driving in low-light […]

  • Do Your Struts Need Boots?

    Struts are one of the most important elements in your car’s suspension system. They essentially hold up the entire frame of your car, using a spring and a shock absorber to protect you and the passengers in your vehicle from feeling the various bumps and impacts of the road. Having a boot on a strut […]