What Does Your Car’s Suspension Do?

Every single car comes with a suspension system. While you may have heard references to your car’s suspension, not everybody understands what a suspension system does—and why it is so important to keep it in good order. Here is a guide to the several purposes that your vehicle’s suspension system serves.

suspension problems

Keeping you from feeling the shocks of the road. When you drive or ride in a car, you don’t expect to be jolted by every single pebble that the tires roll over. Your car’s suspension system is responsible for keeping your rides comfortable; it contains struts and shock absorbers that keep bumps and jostles from reaching the cabin.

Helping you control the vehicle. Without a suspension system, every single bump would be felt through your entire car, which would make for an extremely jumpy ride. A suspension system absorbs these jolts and makes sure that the tires of your vehicle stay on the ground at all times, which allows you to maintain control over the speed and direction of your car.

Protecting your vehicle from potential damage. Bumps and jolts can take a severe toll on an automobile, leading to the need for expensive repairs. A working suspension system dissipates the energy that comes from road bumps and vibrations, stopping them from damaging your car over time. If there is anything wrong with your suspension system, it’s essential that you have it checked by a qualified professional as soon as possible to prevent any further problems.

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