How to Keep Your Car’s Paint Looking Great

Whether you’ve just bought a new car or had your current car repainted, it’s safe to say that you probably want to keep your car’s paint job looking new for as long as possible. The second you begin using your car, though, you expose it to dirt, road debris, rain, insects, and other things that can mar the appearance of your paint job. Here are some essential tips for keeping your paint job looking bright and brand-new.

car paint job

Wash your car regularly. Routine trips to the car wash are a must for keeping small stains from turning into permanent ones. If you can’t make it to the car wash and your car has visible stains, you can wash them off yourself using a very soft rag with water. Having your car detailed from time to time is also a good idea for removing salt, tree sap, and other built-up residue that water may not be able to remove easily.

Have your car waxed. When you visit the car wash, consider having your car waxed as well as washed. Along with making your car look bright and clean, waxing is important for protecting your car’s paint job. If you never wax, your car’s paint job is likely to begin to look dull and worn over time. Waxing will also help protect your paint from becoming faded due to long-term exposure to sunlight.

Use a paint protection film. A paint protection film is a simple plastic film that is fitted precisely over your entire car, providing it with protection from stains, chipping, and other common problems. Adding a film to your car offers the best possible protection for your paint job.

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