• How to Keep Your Car’s Paint Looking Great

    Whether you’ve just bought a new car or had your current car repainted, it’s safe to say that you probably want to keep your car’s paint job looking new for as long as possible. The second you begin using your car, though, you expose it to dirt, road debris, rain, insects, and other things that […]

  • What Does Your Car’s Suspension Do?

    Every single car comes with a suspension system. While you may have heard references to your car’s suspension, not everybody understands what a suspension system does—and why it is so important to keep it in good order. Here is a guide to the several purposes that your vehicle’s suspension system serves. Keeping you from feeling […]

  • The Steps of Choosing an Auto Body Shop

    When you’re in need of professional repair services from an auto body shop, it’s important to know how to ensure that you’ve picked the right business. Make sure that the shop you go to is certified to work on your type of vehicle, and make sure that they carry liability insurance. If the shop is […]

  • How Car Dents Are Repaired

    For a proud car owner, few things are as frustrating as an unsightly dent on an otherwise beautiful, pristine-looking car. Fortunately, small dents are relatively easy to remove, as this informative video demonstrates. However, it’s essential that you always have your dents removed by a skilled collision repair professional; if you try to take them […]