What Causes Cars to Rust?

Rust is every car owner’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, it’s also something that can happen to any car at any time. Checking for rust should become part of your summer car maintenance schedule. If you find rust anywhere on your car, take it to a body shop right away. If you’re curious what causes vehicles to rust in the first place, keep reading.

Rain. Rust happens when a material that contains iron is exposed to moisture. When the two substances come into contact with each other, it causes an atomic reaction that results in oxidation. The most obvious way for moisture to come into contact with the metal in your car is rain. If the weather is bad, make sure that your vehicle is well-protected.

Salt. Many car owners use road salt to remove ice and snow from their vehicles during cold weather. However, exposure to salt makes metal more vulnerable to rusting, and the melting snow can find its way into corners of your vehicle where it will not evaporate right away. Salt can accumulate on your vehicle’s underbody and cause rusting over time—and you may not realize it for some time.

Neglect. If you neglect your car’s maintenance, it’s much more likely that a rust issue will develop and grow worse. Have your car washed regularly, and be sure to take it to an auto professional at the first sign of an issue. Regular car maintenance can help ensure that you stay on top of any potential rusting problems.

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