Common Products That Can Damage Your Paint Job

It’s easy to overlook the importance of your vehicle’s paint job. However, protecting the quality of your car’s paint is essential to maintaining its appearance for many years to come. While car owners have numerous car buffing products to choose from, you shouldn’t be too quick to pick one—using the wrong product on your car could damage it. Going with professional paint film protection is a superior way to ensure the integrity of your vehicle’s paint job. Here are some products to be wary of.

Cleaning cloths. While it’s fine to clean your vehicle using cloths, it’s important that you choose the cloth carefully. If you use a microfiber-based cloth to clean your car, it could cause very subtle scratches. Eventually, these scratches will become more obvious and will affect your paint job. Instead, use chamois cloths, which are designed to clean delicate surfaces.

Chemical cleaners. Commercial car cleaning products are widely available, but not all of these products are appropriate for use on your car. While some commercial cleaners will not harm your vehicle, others contain abrasive substances that can harm your paint job. Silicone-based products should be avoided. If you are uncertain which types of cleaners are best for your vehicle, ask a body shop professional for advice.

Power tools. Never use power tools to try to remove anything from your vehicle’s paint job. You are risking serious damage to your paint job—and the car itself—if you do this. Instead, ask a professional for advice. If you are concerned about keeping up your vehicle’s paint job, consider investing in professional paint film protection.

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