How to Protect Your Car’s Paint

Want to maintain your car’s resale value? You can start by maintaining its paint job. A car that has a flawless-looking exterior can fetch hundreds or even thousands of dollars more at time of resell or trade in, and there’s also the unbeatable feeling of driving around in a vehicle you know looks as good as it did they day you bought it. That’s why paint film protection is one of the best investments you can make in your car, but it’s not the only way to keep your car’s paint job looking like new. Here are some top tips for protecting your car’s paint.

Keep it Washed and Waxed

One of the easiest ways you can protect your car’s paint is by keeping your car washed and waxed. This is especially important during the wintertime , when melting snow and road salt can quickly cause your car to corrode if you don’t get regular washes and waxings.

Remove Sap and Bird Dropping Quickly

In addition to regular car washes, keep an eye out for tree sap and bird droppings. More than being just an eyesore, sap and bird dropping on your car can eat away at the paint job in those spots they are located. Quickly removing sap and bird dropping will also make it easier to get all of the unsightly debris off your car.

Invest in Paint Film Protection

For total protection and peace of mind that your car’s paint job is protected from the elements, invest in paint film protection technology. An invisible “shield” for your car, paint film protection protects your car’s factory finish from chipping and flaking due to flying rocks, bird droppings, tree sap, and other debris. And best of all, paint protection film will not affect the appearance of your car and can quickly be removed if you ever decide to sell your car or want to get a new paint job.

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