Signs You Need Your Brakes Checked

Your brakes aren’t the first thing you think about when you start the engine, but if you’re not careful they can come crashing into your life. Properly working brakes are a critical component of automotive safety, and the ability to quickly and safely bring your car to a stop should not be overlooked. If your brakes fail you on the road, it could result in a crash that will definitely require collision repairs that are more expensive and time consuming than it takes to simply keep your brakes in good condition. If you recognize any of these signs, visit an auto repair shop near you to have your brakes checked before you wind up in a collision repair shop in Utah instead.

High-Pitched Squealing

Modern brake pads are equipped with a wear sensor that emits a high-pitched squeal when the pads needs to be replaced. This is the earliest indication that your brakes should be checked out. If the squealing sound turns into a harsh metallic grinding sound, get to an auto repair shop as quickly as possible as this indicates damage to the rotors.

Pulling to One Side

Another obvious sign of brake trouble is if your car pulls to the right or left while braking. A stuck caliper is the most common cause of pulling, although a collapsed brake hose and uneven brake pads can also be to blame. In any case, bring your car in for a brake check if you notice pulling to one side while braking.

Unusual Brake Pedal Feel

Also be on the lookout for any changes in the way your brake pedal feels underfoot. A mushy pedal, for example, could indicate worn pads or a problem with the hydraulic system. On the other hands, a brake pedal that causes the brakes to grab immediately at the slightest touch could indicate a worn rotor or contaminated brake fluid.

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