Suspension Components That Can Go Bad

When the average vehicle owner thinks about their suspension system, they likely think about their shocks. Replacing shocks is the one mechanical repair that they know they’ll have to make when it comes to their suspension. However, there are other suspension components that can go bad, too, and you will need the help of a reliable auto body shop in Utah to fix them. Here are the components you should keep an eye on.


Your vehicle is obviously very heavy, and the springs located in the suspension work to hold up the weight of it. If one of these springs breaks, your vehicle will lean to one side when you drive. This will put additional stress on your tires and will likely cause your vehicle to make strange sounds. Failure to fix the broken spring could lead to additional problems in the future and the need for other mechanical repair.

Ball Joints

The ball joints are what connect your suspension to the wheels of your vehicle. The problem with that is that they will wear out over time and eventually break with very little warning . As a result of this, you should have your ball joints checked periodically to make sure that they don’t need to be replaced. You shouldn’t wait until it’s too late to inspect them.

Control Arm Bushings

The control arm bushings located in your suspension are there to absorb shock when you drive. They can wear out fairly quickly on front-drive cars and when this happens, it can cause your control arms and other aspects of your suspension to wear out more quickly than usual. Bushings are small parts made out of rubber or metal, but they are very important in the grand scheme of things and play a large part in the safety of your vehicle.

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