Dave’s Body Shop: Your Eco-Friendly Repair Solution!

It’s not often that you see the words “body shop” and “eco-friendly” in the same sentence. But when you bring your car to Dave’s Body Shop, we promise that you will be doing your part to help the planet! We are an auto body shop in Utah that is determined to do whatever we can to be as eco-friendly as possible when we work on cars.

We have found that we often have leftover fluids and materials after almost every job that we do. From excess paint to used antifreeze and oil to metals and cardboard, there is no shortage of waste created from the mechanical services we provide. We take all of those items and recycle them. We are also committed to using low VOC products like paint. The Volatile Organic Compounds used in these products have been found to harm the world’s ozone layer, so we only use products with low VOC.

Dave’s Body Shop, which has been in business since 1942, is the best body shop in the business when it comes to providing eco-friendly service. You can call us today at (801) 762-8921 to schedule a maintenance or repair.