Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop for Your Car

After your car is involved in a collision, you probably don’t care where it goes for repairs so long as you can get back on the road ASAP. However, you can do yourself a lot of favors by taking your time and finding the right auto body shop in Utah , which might not always be the first body shop you come across. But how do you know which body shop is the right one? Here are some tips that will help you navigate your options.

Consider Your Needs

For starters, make sure you find a body shop that caters to your car’s specific needs. For example, if your vehicle makes use of aluminum construction, find a shop in your area that is certified to repair aluminum-bodied cars and trucks (like the new Audi A8 and Ford F-150).

Look for the Gold Class Symbol

There are no state or federal regulations or requirements needed to be a collision repair technician. So how do you know if the technician working on your car is trained in the latest auto body repair technologies and techniques? Look for the I-CAR Gold Class symbol. This symbol denotes that the body shop’s technicians meet the standard requirements of the auto body repair industry and have the skills and knowledge needed to restore your vehicle properly.

Request a Free Estimate

You should also request a free estimate from any auto body shops you are considering. Shops that refuse to offer an estimate are usually in the business of sticking customers with outrageously expensive repair bills at the end of the service. One thing to note about estimates, however, is that you should not necessarily go with the shop that gives you the lowest price. Be sure to factor in other considerations such as the shop’s experience, rating with the BBB, and overall body of work to help gauge the quality of service you will receive for the price.

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