A Look at the Aluminum Auto Body Repair Process

Any type of auto body repair may be a lengthy process, but when it comes to replacing steel parts with aluminum, additional factors must be taken into consideration. While the use of aluminum in major vehicle structures may be advantageous, most shops are not specialized in collision repair for these types of cars and trucks. Continue reading to take a look at the aluminum auto body repair process and the benefits of seeking aluminum auto body repair at a certified shop.  

Rivet gun

The process of aluminum auto body repair begins with training mechanics to make the repairs with confidence. While a handful of dealerships provide in-house collision repair, much of the work will be  done by independent auto body shops . Since Ford is working to popularize and facilitate the use of aluminum in the industry, the company has crafted a training program in order to prepare mechanics for this trend. This training program, along with the other changes that will need to be made in order to prepare for aluminum collision repair, comes at a cost—which is why specialized aluminum auto body repair is more expensive than traditional repair services.

The tools and skills needed for aluminum auto body repair require an initial investment that may be substantial for smaller businesses. Auto body shops will have to invest in tools like spot and stud welders, dent repair stations, and rivet guns. They will also have to pay for training for more than one technician. In total, this initial investment will cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Aluminum is much lighter than steel, so when it is used in vehicles it can significantly reduce the overall weight. This leads to an enhanced fuel economy, which means it will likely be popular. Auto body shops that begin training their mechanics and honing their skills now will be able to provide aluminum auto body repair with confidence when the time comes.

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