How Does Paintless Dent Removal Work?

If your vehicle’s auto body gets dented, but the paint is un-cracked, the damage can easily be repaired with proper tools and maintenance. The good news is that the paint hasn’t chipped, which means that the metal won’t be exposed and you won’t have to pay for a costly new paint job. Which only leaves one question: How exactly does paintless dent removal work? 

Damaged car

The Method

To remove an auto body dent, you rub it back to flatness from underneath . However, it’s easier said than done, because there’s usually an underlying metal panel that obscures the damaged outer layer. The purpose of these panels is to insulate your car and protect the inner mechanisms from impact. To avoid the risk of breaking them, it’s best to see a collision repair specialist who will know how to reach those hard-to-access areas of your car.

The Trick

While removing a dent, an auto body specialist will usually hold a shaping tool over the outside to prevent the dent from pushing outward. After a few minutes of applied pressure, the dent should flatten out. However, the metal in that spot won’t be as strong or impact-resistant as it had been when the vehicle was new. But from an aesthetic standpoint, the former damage should be undetectable to the naked eye.

The Essence

Unlike other types of auto body repair, dent removal is not about mechanical knowledge; it’s about solid hand-eye coordination. It’s also about having the right tools. Cheap tools probably won’t do the trick, and pricier ones could equal or exceed the cost of a professional repair. Basically, you’re best off seeing a collision repair specialist, as a botched removal could be costlier than the dent itself.

If you need a dent removed from your vehicle, have it done properly at Dave’s Body Shop . We are certified with Assured Performance, and our technicians have removed dents on vehicles for motorists across Utah. To learn more about our paintless dent removal services, visit our website or call us at (888) 902-8220.