• A Guide to Finding an Auto Body Shop

    Never judge a dent by its outer appearance, because sometimes the worst damage is hidden underneath. When a dent appears, contact your insurance company and ask which auto body shops they recommend. Wherever you go for repairs, always ask the following questions: Is the shop secure? Do they have liability coverage? How long will the […]

  • Make the Best Choice in Collision Repair Service for Your Audi

    When you take your Audi in for service, it’s important to know that you’re being charged honestly for crucial work on your vehicle. At the same time, you must ensure that your vehicle is left in trustworthy hands. Use the following steps to make the best choice in collision repair service. Search the Web Check […]

  • How Dave’s Body Shop Can Help You Go Off-Roading

    One of the best things about off-roading is the thrill of exploring the road less traveled. But when you drive on bumpy terrains like gravel, sand, rocks, and riverbeds, you must ensure that the auto body and inner-workings of your vehicle are equipped to handle the territory. To that end, your car should undergo regular […]

  • How Does Paintless Dent Removal Work?

    If your vehicle’s auto body gets dented, but the paint is un-cracked, the damage can easily be repaired with proper tools and maintenance. The good news is that the paint hasn’t chipped, which means that the metal won’t be exposed and you won’t have to pay for a costly new paint job. Which only leaves […]