• Spotlights on the Certifications Received by Dave’s Body Shop

    When you are in need of auto body repair, it’s important to choose the most qualified shop around. One way a shop can demonstrate its competence is through certifications—and Dave’s Body Shop has a lot of those.  Dave’s Body Shop is I-CAR Gold certified, which means that all of our employees are highly trained, skilled, […]

  • Tips for Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop

    Choosing an auto body shop is an important decision that deserves careful deliberation, as the wrong shop may lead to costly repairs and wasted time. Fortunately, this process can be made easy by following a few simple steps. Here are a few tips for choosing the right auto body shop. Recommendation When it comes to […]

  • A Look at Some Auto Body Prep Tools

    The first step in any auto body service is preparation. There are a variety of tools that auto body technicians may use to prepare an automobile for some kind of service. Rubber gloves are common auto body prep tools because they protect the mechanic while also protecting the surfaces being worked on. When it comes […]