The Advantages of Purchasing an Aluminum Vehicle

Aluminum is quickly becoming one of the most popular base materials in the automotive industry. Not only does lightweight aluminum boost fuel economy and reduce emissions, but it also sometimes improves safety and durability. It’s no wonder aluminum is increasingly the material of choice for automakers thanks to its strength and environmental advantages. Read on to learn more about these advantages and the extra considerations that need to be taken into account when buying an aluminum vehicle, such as obtaining auto body repair at a facility that specializes in aluminum. 


Safer than Steel

Vehicle safety is one of the most important considerations when buying a new car, especially if you have a family. That’s one of the reasons why aluminum vehicles are becoming more popular. Pound for pound, aluminum can absorb twice the crash energy of mild steel. Auto manufacturers can also design larger crush zones without corresponding weight penalties.

Lightweight Performance

Speaking of weight penalties, aluminum vehicles typically have better acceleration, better braking, and better handling than their steel counterparts thanks to aluminum. Another benefit of using lightweight aluminum is that the vehicle becomes more fuel efficient. And if you’re shopping for an aluminum truck, such as the aluminum 2014 Ford F-150, you’ll be thrilled to know that lighter vehicles can haul and tow more because the engine isn’t carrying unneeded weight.


Aluminum also presents some incredibly environmental benefits. At the manufacturing level, nearly 90 percent of automotive aluminum scrap is recovered and recycled each year. That’s more than a half-million tons! Recycling just one tone of aluminum saves the energy equivalent of 2,350 gallons of gasoline. Aluminum also has a 20 percent smaller lifecycle CO2 footprint than steel.

With the growing popularity of aluminum vehicles, chances are you either already own one or will own one very soon. One important consideration of owning an aluminum vehicle is where you take it for auto body repairs. Dave’s Body Shop has the tools and equipment needed to perform aluminum auto body repairs and fix the damage resulting from a collision. Call us at (801) 566-3906 to learn more about our aluminum auto body repair services.