Eco-Friendly Services from Dave’s Body Shop

At Dave’s Body Shop, we’re as committed to helping the environment as we are to helping our customers. That’s why our auto body shop exceeds all EPA requirements for auto repair facilities. We recycle everything from excess paint to cardboard, aluminum, anti-freeze, oil, and metal scrap. We also only use low VOC products, since VOCs have been found to be a major contributing factor to our planet’s shrinking ozone layer. 

Earth in  the hand

If you live in West Jordan, UT and need exceptional auto body repair, bring your vehicle to Dave’s Body Shop. Not only are we one of the most eco-friendly auto body shops in Utah, but we’re also one of the oldest and most trusted. Visit our website to learn more about our collision repair services, or call us at (801) 566-3906 to schedule an appointment for your vehicle