• Quick Tips for Preventing Automotive Rust

    Automotive rust is unsightly. Left to its own devices, it can also negatively impact your car’s resale value and even affect its performance. Thankfully, automotive rust is entirely preventable. By washing your car at least once every two weeks, waxing it once a month, and storing it in a covered garage or under a protective […]

  • How Aluminum Technology Is Revolutionizing the Auto Body Industry

    Recent studies and changes in regulation suggest that the auto body industry will undergo a significant transformation over the next decade or so. Namely, aluminum will replace steel as the primary component of automobile exteriors, or at least pickup trucks. To learn more about why this is and what you can expect from this change, […]

  • How a Car Is Painted at the Body Shop

    When you look at a car that is fresh from the manufacturer or has recently been painted at a body shop, you can tell that the paint job was not the work of an amateur. If you have ever been curious about how body shop paint jobs work, check out this brief video. In the […]

  • Some Common Causes of Car Paint Damage

    Your car is one of your most prized possessions, and you want to keep it running well and looking as great as possible. While proper maintenance and care on your end should keep you from having to make frequent trips to your preferred auto body shop, there are several common causes of car paint damage […]