• The Aluminum Workbay at Dave’s Body Shop

    Not all body shops are the same. Like most other industries, auto body repair is a highly competitive field whose players have varying degrees of skill and professionalism. Dave’s Body Shop is proud to be one of the finest auto body shops in Utah, and home to the state’s only state-of-the-art aluminum workbay.  Aluminum is […]

  • Become a Defensive Driver With These Tips

    Defensive driving can help you steer clear from a potential collision. In order to drive defensively, it is important to develop driving habits that will help you respond to changes in the roadway. As you are driving, it is essential to keep a cushion of space around the car at all times. For an overview […]

  • A Look at the Rising Popularity of Aluminum Cars

    Automakers are continually pioneering new and revolutionary advances in vehicle design. One of the most exciting new innovations for today’s cars is the aluminum auto body. While cars in the past were made out of dense steel, some manufacturers are now crafting select vehicles out of lightweight aluminum. This unique auto body structure offers many […]

  • Safety Tips for Driving in Traffic

    Whether you just got your driver’s license or you’ve been driving for years, driving in traffic can be challenging for drivers young and old, new and experienced. That’s because there is a very small margin of error when driving in traffic, as even the slightest mistake can sometimes lead to an accident. When driving in […]

  • Exploring the Tools and Equipment Needed to Repair Aluminum Vehicles

    Auto body repair shops need separate tools and equipment for aluminum body parts. That’s because corrosion can occur when dissimilar metals come in contact with one another. Aluminum also springs back different from impacts compared with steel, so special equipment and tools are also required to properly fix the damage resulting from a collision. If […]

  • How to Pick a Quality Body Shop [INFOGRAPHIC]

    When it comes to picking a body shop, settling for second-best can mean big trouble down the line for your car. Start by checking out the certifications held by the shop you’re considering. I-CAR Gold Class Certification is the highest honor a shop can earn and indicates that employees have top-tier training. Ask about the […]