• Keep Your Car’s Paint from Cracking or Fading With Dave’s Paint Film Protection Package

    Our Paint Film Protection Package will keep your vehicle looking as beautiful and shiny as the day you drove it home from the dealership. This special service creates a clear, protective barrier on the surface of your vehicle’s paint using 3M’s Venture Shield Clear Paint Protection Film. With this valuable layer of protection, the exterior […]

  • Tips for Taking Your Vehicle on an Off-Road Adventure

    If your vehicle is equipped with four wheel drive, you may want to test its capabilities by heading out on an off-road adventure. Driving on off-road trails provides an excellent opportunity to explore nature while also having fun in your car. Before you embark on an off-road journey, it is important to make sure that […]

  • Top Reasons to Professionally Detail Your Car

    When you have your car professionally detailed, you will maintain the beauty and quality of your vehicle’s exterior for many years to come. During a professional detailing service, a technician will remove dirt, dust, and other environmental contaminants. In addition, professional detailing can help you maintain the value of your vehicle. For a look at […]