• How Insurers Determine If Your Car Is Totaled

    You may have heard friends or family members who have been involved in light to moderate fender benders complain that their cars were “totaled.” Though this term is used colloquially to refer to any apparently extensive visible auto body damage that a car suffers after a collision, insurance companies have a more precise definition that […]

  • More Safety Tips on How to Stay Safe When Driving in the Rain

    Fall has arrived, and with the changing of the seasons comes colder and wetter weather. When you are driving in a rainstorm, it is important to practice safe driving habits. By staying calm, alert, and attentive, you will reduce your chances of being in a collision . To help you ensure that you and your […]

  • Essential Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Car

    Winter weather is on its way, and now is the perfect time to make sure that your car is ready to withstand colder temperatures. As the outdoor air temperature begins to drop, some of your car’s most important systems will experience greater wear and strain. By maintaining your car for the winter, you will ensure […]