How to Safely Respond to Aggressive Drivers

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Though some damaging car collisions are caused by poor road conditions, bad weather, or mechanical problems with the vehicle, many are also caused by aggressive drivers. Whether they’ve simply had a particularly bad day or are prone to bouts of severe road rage, aggressive drivers put themselves and all other motorists, including you, at risk. Here is what you should do if you notice someone driving aggressively on the road:

Keep Your Hand Off the Horn

Unless you see that another driver is not paying attention and will inevitably collide with your vehicle, resist the urge to blare your horn. Many drivers use their horns too frequently to simply indicate their displeasure or anger to other drivers, but this may only further enrage an already aggressive driver , so it’s best to reserve the horn for emergencies.

Stay Right Unless You’re Going Fast

On the highway, many drivers report that other vehicles going below the speed limit in the left lane are a source of frustration and road rage. Even if you are going at or slightly over the posted speed limit, you may still belong in the right lane if most of the traffic is going faster than you are. To avoid being a target of road rage, always let faster-moving cars pass by moving to the right lane when it’s safe to do so, no matter how fast you’re going.

Never Make Obscene Gestures

Avoiding obscene gestures on the road is more than a matter of politeness—it’s a matter of safety. Ultimately, you don’t know anything about the other driver. An obscene gesture may make the other driver angry enough to follow you or drive recklessly specifically to antagonize you, putting your life at risk.

If you get into an accident because you were the victim of another driver’s reckless or aggressive behavior, you will need to repair any damage to your car’s body. Visit Dave’s Body Shop for friendly, professional auto body repair service . You can call us at (888) 902-8220 for more information about our services.