• How to Safely Respond to Aggressive Drivers

    Though some damaging car collisions are caused by poor road conditions, bad weather, or mechanical problems with the vehicle, many are also caused by aggressive drivers. Whether they’ve simply had a particularly bad day or are prone to bouts of severe road rage, aggressive drivers put themselves and all other motorists, including you, at risk. […]

  • Steps to Take if You Break Down on the Highway

    There are several important steps to take if you break down on the highway. Your first action should be to exit the highway as safely and quickly as possible. For a closer look at what to do if you experience a vehicle breakdown, watch this video from Wavy. At Dave’s Body Shop, we can provide […]

  • How to Stay Safe on the Road in the Hotter Season

    Each season presents its own driving challenges. While there is no snow or road salt to deal with in the summertime, you should still carry an emergency supply kit in your car, whether you’re going on a short day trip or an overnight camping trip at one of Utah’s gorgeous, scenic National or State parks. […]