The Art and Science of Collision Repair

Worker painting a car.

The collision repair process is a mystery to most people. You take your damaged vehicle to an auto body shop, and when you come back a few days later, voila! Your vehicle is as good as new. In fact, quality collision repair makes expert use of art and technology to repair almost all kinds of damage. Here’s a brief look at the magic behind the quality collision repair process:

Damage evaluation

Before repairs can really begin, the auto body experts need to understand what they’re dealing with. After carefully examining the damage to your vehicle, the team members will explain which repairs are necessary in a clear, honest manner. We’ll also negotiate with your insurance company so you don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount for repairs.

Checking vehicle systems

After we analyze the exterior damage, we’ll document mileage, fuel level, and overall vehicle condition to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t need additional repairs. We’ll also clean your vehicle inside and out to make the repair process easier.

Duplicating factory finish

One of the hardest parts of collision repair is duplicating a vehicle’s paint color. Luckily, this is our specialty. Instead of applying slapdash patches of mismatched paint, we use advanced computer technology to match your paint color as precisely as possible. We then apply the paint in a pressurized downdraft “clean room” to minimize paint defects.

Quality control inspection

After reassembling and repainting your vehicle, our auto body specialists will perform a final inspection. During the inspection, we run through a checklist to ensure that your vehicle is as close to pre-accident condition as possible. We’ll then give your vehicle another thorough cleaning and give it back.

For high quality collision repair, bring your damaged vehicle to Dave’s Body Shop . We won’t just repair your vehicle—we’ll stand by our work with a Nationwide Lifetime Limited Warranty. Call us today at (801) 566-3906 if you have any questions about our auto body services.