Add Longevity to Your Audi’s Paintjob with Clear Bra Paint Protection

Auto body shops such as Dave’s offer more than just collision repair. Services range from dent removal, to paint job refinishing, to completely custom pain jobs, and a number of other options. After getting a new vehicle, having collision repair done, or even having a finish refreshed, protecting that new paint is important. These are some of the reasons that make Clear Bra protection such a smart idea. Read on to learn about some of these services, and how they will help your vehicle’s paint stay fresh.

Audi A6 driving in a curve


  • Just like a normal vehicle bra, these paint-protecting products are able to be applied to any vehicle. This includes vehicles with old paint, fading paint, and even damaged paint. The obvious problem with this is that protecting paint that is already fading or damaged seems counter-intuitive. For this reason, having a paint job refinished before applying these protective layers will make the best use of them. Of course, if a vehicle was recently refinished, either from collision repair, or simply to restore appearance, now is the perfect time to make use of these products.

Clear Bra

  • 3M—the makers of Clear Bra—originally designed their Paint Protection Film to protect helicopter blades for the military, according to Motor Trend . The product has since become available for use in the automotive industry. The 3M Venture-Shield is actually a clear film. It acts as a layer of protection between the outside world’s contaminants—bugs, rocks, sand, etc.—and a vehicle’s most exposed surfaces. Dave’s Body Shop will use it to protect everything from a vehicle’s hood to headlights.


  • The alternative to the Clear Bra is the Spray-On Paint Protector. This product offers the same level of protection as 3M’s product, and will blend in seamlessly with the vehicle’s paint job. The Paint Protector’s ability to leave a finish with a perfect shine sets it a step above standard film protections. As an added bonus, it comes with a lifetime warranty covering aspects such as fading and delamination.

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