Want to Live Your Off-Road Dreams? Here’s How!

Nothing excites off-road enthusiasts like winding trails and rough terrain. Off-roading draws many drivers to purchase their Jeeps or high-performance SUVs in the first place. Most SUVs built to drive off-road will handle the bumps of basic trails without issue, but this guide to off-road performance shows drivers how off-road vehicle maintenance and upgrades can take their adventures to the next level.

4x4 offroad vehicle driving in mud

Regular Maintenance:

  • Your SUV is designed to handle tough road conditions and high-speed driving. However, even the best off-roading machine will begin to underperform without regular maintenance. The high-horsepower engine of your Jeep, for example, won’t be able to conquer a steep incline when it’s overheated—even relatively small repair issues can cause a problem out on the trail. Be sure to keep your machine in good repair to ensure next off journey ends with success.

Off-Road Modifications:

  • SUV owners can make further enhancements to their off-road machine with professional vehicle improvements. Body lifts, for example, make it easier for large vehicles with big wheels to tackle a variety of challenges. Auto body shops can also do work to upgrade the vehicle’s limited differential for improve traction. Lastly, most SUV owners upgrade their off-road machine by adding skid plates or rocker panel protection. These enhancements make off-roading safer for the driver and the vehicle.

Conditional Maintenance:

  • Drivers can also prep their SUVs for off-road driving with weather-specific adjustments. For example, “airing down” is a popular technique used for off-roading in heavy snow. This small air pressure decrease helps tires to get better traction on ice-packed turns. Drivers should also be diligent in cleaning their vehicles after muddy trips to avoid off-road problems. Grime-packed suspension components, for example, can cause a loss of control and handling issues.

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