What Does Your Car’s Paint Say About You?

Your auto’s paint is a predominate factor in its resale value, style, and the amount of heat it retains. To find out more about what your auto’s paint says about you, continue reading.

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Easily the most noticeable aspect of your auto’s style is the color of the paint. Drivers typically won’t consider buying a car if the color of the paint doesn’t appeal to them. Some people even go to a body shop to repaint their auto if it doesn’t look good to them anymore. Interestingly, people usually associate certain colors of car paint with a particular style. For example, people usually think of black auto paint as being sophisticated, red as being bold and sporty, and white as being clean and simple.

Practical Advantages

Car paint colors are also known to have distinct practical benefits. For instance, black absorbs heat, which makes black cars nice and warm in the wintertime. White auto paint is great in summer, as it tends to absorb less heat than any of the other colors, while also hiding the water spots you might get after a car wash. Silver is good because it doesn’t show as much dirt as a black car, and does pretty well at deflecting heat.


Drivers commonly forget that the quality of their auto’s paint is just as telling as the color, if not more so at times. If your car’s paint is fairly new, and you are consistent about getting it cleaned and waxed, it will indicate to others that you are clean and have good taste. If, however, your car has not been repainted recently, or you haven’t been so good at keeping it clean over the years, you might appear careless.

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